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Fishing association honors 2 FWC officers

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The Florida Guides Association on July 11 in Orlando honored two officers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for their conservation efforts.

Capt. Pat Kelly, Florida Guides Association president, presented FWC officers Peter “Sean” Gaudion and Michael Bibeau of Hillsborough County with the “Trained Eyes Coastwatchers” Officer of the Year award.

Officer Bibeau has been an FWC officer for seven years. His patience and dedication set him apart and help him stop those that want to take advantage of Florida’s valuable natural resources and those boating dangerously.

 “He is a true ambassador for the FWC and represents all law enforcement officers positively,” said Lt. Thomas Van Trees, Bibeau’s supervisor. “He continues his excellence in resource protection and public safety by sharing his knowledge with other officers.”

Additionally, Bibeau participated in multiple search-and-rescues this year and was nominated for a lifesaving award.

Officer Gaudion joined the FWC in 2013 and stands out for his teamwork and drive to succeed in resource protection and public safety. He frequently networks with other officers and community members to organize efforts to stop major violations.

“Officer Gaudion truly cares about making a positive impact on the citizens and resources of Florida,” said Lt. William Holcomb, his supervisor.  “He maintains a positive attitude that inspires and motivates others.”

His extra work on the FWC’s Special Operations Group led him to respond to two hurricanes last season for multiple days at a time.