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Media Statement: FWC approves new guidelines for 7 species

Media contact: Carli Segelson, 772-715-9459 Release Date: 07-23-2020   All Articles Tags:

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) today approved Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines for seven of the more than 50 species in Florida’s Imperiled Species Management Plan. Staff created new guidelines for the Florida mouse, gopher frog, Suwannee cooter, mangrove rivulus, and Lower Keys populations of red rat snake, striped mud turtle and peninsula ribbonsnake. These seven species were removed from the list in 2017 because their populations are healthy. All seven will benefit from the new species guidelines. Staff also updated existing guidelines for the state threatened Florida pine snake.


Species guidelines are designed to be a tool for landowners, consultants, agency partners and other interested parties on how to conserve these species. Recommended conservation measures and survey methodologies are included in the guidelines for species no longer listed on Florida’s Endangered and Threatened Species List. The guidelines for state-designated threatened species offer options for avoidance, minimization and mitigation of take.

The guidelines provide species-specific information on key issues relevant to real-world conservation, including:

  • Survey methods.
  • Recommended conservation practices.
  • Exemptions or authorizations for take.
  • Coordination with other regulatory programs.
  • Permitting options.

For an overview of how Florida conserves imperiled species, go to

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