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Preference Drawing

What hunts award preference point?

Preference points are awarded in Phase I for these limited entry hunts:

Preference points are not awarded for other limited entry hunts.

Will preference points guarantee success in the drawing?

Preference points increase your chances for success in the drawing.  They do not guarantee success.  Many other applicants will have an equal or higher number of preference points.

What are preference points?

To allow an increased opportunity for applicants to receive limited entry hunt permits for high demand hunts, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issues some limited entry hunt permits based on a preference system. Applicants included in the Phase I random drawing will be able to increase their odds of selection each year they fail to be drawn for a limited entry permit. Limited entry permits for each hunt type listed above shall be selected by random drawing from the applications submitted during the Phase I application period based on the highest number of accumulated preference points.

How are they awarded?

All applicants not issued a limited entry permit in Phase I, shall receive one preference point annually for that specific hunt type. Preference points shall accumulate by hunt type. Applicants who are issued a permit for any of their five choices in the Phase I random drawing will lose all preference points for that hunt type and will have zero preference points next year.

Applicants who receive a preference point in the Phase I random drawing will retain their preference points even if they are issued a permit in Phase II or Phase III. Applicants who fail to apply during the Phase I application period for two consecutive years will forfeit all preference points for that hunt type. Applicants that skip a year will neither gain nor lose their preference points.

What if I return my permit?

Applicants that were awarded a nontransferable quota permit in Phase I for archery, muzzleloading gun, general gun, wild hog, spring turkey, youth spring turkey, supervised youth, mobility-impaired, track vehicle, airboat, quail and family and are unable to use the permit may return the permit for re-issuance, have their original preference points re-instated and an additional preference point added.

WARNING: In order to have the original preference points re-instated and a preference point awarded for the current year, the returned permit must have been issued in Phase I and must be returned electronically no less than 10 days prior to the first day of the hunt.

What if I apply as a group?

Group applications are only accepted during Phase I. Up to five hunters may apply as a group. If selected, each member in the group will receive a quota permit for the same hunt. The position of a group application in the Phase I random drawing will be determined by the member with the lowest preference points. If four members have one preference point and one member has zero preference points, the application will be included in the drawing with zero preference points.

Group applications have no connection with guest permits. See applying as a group. For more information about guest permits see Guest Permits.