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How To Take a Kid Fishing

The biggest thing to know about taking a kid fishing is that it is about spending quality time together.  Try to avoid putting pressure on yourself or the kid by expecting to catch lots of fish or especially big fish--remember they call it fishing, not catching, for a reason.  Fishing provides a great time to find out what the child is interested in and just talk.  But if the subject shifts to fishing, talk about the history of fishing, what fish need to survive and how important clean water and healthy habitats are to fish and people (see links for some simple highlights to inform yourself about these topics).  These discussions can lead to fun expectations, but fulfillment isn't always instantaneous, so patience is the key for both you and the kid.

Fishing Tips

This section includes more detail about the actual skills involved with fishing. Many of the skills are similar if not identical in freshwater and saltwater, but we'll try to point out some of the differences too.

Celebrate Having Taken a Kid Fishing!