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East River

Goal: Improve aquatic ecosystem habitat quality and connectivity for the benefit of Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

Objective 1: Improve physical habitats in aquatic systems by restoring and enhancing at least 3000 feet of stream habitat and 1000 acres of wetlands utilized by Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

Ichetuknee Springs

Description: Degradation of Florida’s aquatic resources is a widespread threat to Florida’s Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Aquatic, marine and terrestrial species all depend on the quantity and quality of Florida’s aquatic resources. Rivers and streams provide corridors between wetlands and connect Florida’s terrestrial habitats to its marine habitats. Wetlands provide homes for many SGCN and can support floral and faunal communities unique to Florida. Total wetland area in Florida has decreased by approximately 44%. Rivers and stream habitats are under threat as well due to hydrologic alterations, erosion and more. Aquatic habitat is managed for conservation across the state with the FWC, DEP, and WMD’s being the agencies that have the most stake in hydrology management in Florida. FWC uses SWG funds to partner and leverage these existing resources to target high priority aquatic areas that will have a significant impact to the state’s SGCN.