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Statewide Avian Project Database

Welcome to the Avian Project Database for the Florida Bird Conservation Initiative! One step towards achieving FBCI's mission is to ensure that everyone in the bird conservation community is aware of the projects with which we are involved. We need your help in developing a project database that will serve as a searchable and comprehensive snapshot of all avian conservation projects and activities underway throughout the state. We hope this will be a useful tool for connecting the avian conservation community in Florida!


Great Blue Heron over water on submerged branch
Limpkin adult and flightless young with food

What kinds of projects are appropriate to enter into this database?

Any and all bird-related projects are the perfect addition to this database: monitoring, banding, surveys, research, etc. If you are doing any kind of work with birds in Florida, please take a few minutes to include it in FBCI's Avian Project Database! All too often we ask ourselves what else needs to be done to conserve birds in Florida, but we can only answer that question by evaluating what is already being done! This database will only be as useful as its contributors make it, so please spread the word and let's make this a valuable conservation tool in Florida!