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Other Water Bodies

While the FAB FIVE, URBAN PONDS and BIG WATER BODIES are the focus of the Fish Orlando program, there are a few OTHER WATER BODIES that are worth noting for their fishing opportunities. For a complete listing of these and other fishing spots in Orange County don't forget about our Fish Orlando Fishing Maps which are available through our office (see "Overview" section for contact info) and from our kiosk at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Orlando.


Lake Baldwin (225 acres)

Located next to Baldwin Park in east Orlando, the lake has a small boat ramp located on the south shore.  However, boats with motors greater than 10 H.P. have to abide by a "no wake" restriction. There is some bank fishing via Baldwin Park but the best fishing is done by a boat. Catch rates for largemouth bass are some of the highest in Orlando; most bass caught are less than 2 lbs.  Fish the edges of the submersed vegetation with finesse fishing techniques for consistent bass action.


Lake Fairview (401 acres)

In the past stocked grass carp decimated the vegetation in this lake. More recently, however, the FWC has removed some of the carp and that action combined with natural grass carp mortality has allowed eelgrass and other submersed vegetation to slowly return to the lake.  With this improvement has also come some improvement in the bass fishery. The lake has little to no public bank access but a boat ramp is available via a City of Orlando Park off Lee Road (SR 423).  In the spring try fishing around the many docks in the lake.  In the summer try a Texas rigged worm fished on the saddles and edges that have some submersed grass adjacent to deeper (greater than 20 feet) water. Fairview receives heavy Jet Ski traffic, so fish either early in the morning, late into the evening or after dark. Please note that the boat ramp closes at 11 p.m.


Hal Scott Preserve (approx. 30 acres)

This clear borrow pit is located in the extreme northeast sparsely populated portion of Orange County. The St. Johns River Water Management District manages the property and anglers are known to put small boats in the pit in pursuit of largemouth bass. Others choose to combine camping or horseback riding with the fishing. A catch-and-release regulation is in place for the largemouth bass and no gasoline motors are allowed on the boats.


Little Econlockhatchee River

Probably one of the best panfishing secrets in Orlando.  Located in northeast Orlando, bank access can be found via Orange County's Blanchard Park located off Dean Road (SR 425). Canoes and kayak's can be launched and used in the channelized section located in the park but downstream of the dam (unchannelized section) there are too many blow-downs to effectively use any type of boat. For your best bet, fish behind the dam when the water is flowing after a big rain.  Night crawlers, wigglers and grass shrimp fished beneath a split shot is all you will need to catch quality to trophy-sized panfish (bluegill, redear sunfish, redbreast sunfish). Don't be surprised if you hook into a large white or channel catfish as well.


Fish Orlando Shadow Bay Park

Shadow Bay Park

The focus of the fishing in this park is for channel catfish in the 7 acre borrow pit called Lupine Pond (7 acres).

Park personnel feed the catfish 50 lbs of fish feed 3 days per week, and that, combined with a 30 inch minimum size limit (1 fish bag limit) and an aeration system make for some high quality catfishing. There is also some bass and bluegill fishing in Shadow Bay Pond (5 acres) and Hidden Pond (1 acre). The bass are protected by a catch and release regulation and the bluegill by a 12 inch minimum size, 5 fish bag (essentially catch and release as well). The Park also has nature trails, a tennis center, basketball courts and children's playgrounds. For information on Shadow Bay Park call the Park at 407-254-9175.