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Hurricane Michael FWC Recovered Vessels

Below is a listing of the vessels recovered by the United States Coast Guard in coordination with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that were wrecked/sunken on the waters of the state during Hurricane Michael. The FWC is storing these vessels at temporary storage facilities within the impacted areas. Vessels not recovered from an FWC temporary storage area will be taken to a landfill for disposal. Time is of the essence: If you have a vessel being stored by the FWC, you must contact the FWC to make arrangements to remove and recover your vessel or if you no longer want your stored vessel and wish to surrender your rights, title and all interest in the vessel and its contents, please contact (850) 597-2096 and provide the Storage Site Supervisor with the incident number assigned below for your vessel.


Instructions on recovering your stored vessel

Recovered Vessel Listing

The following link will take you to the report page with a current listing of the vessels recorded.