Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative


Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative is our opportunity to conserve Florida's wildlife and their habitats.  The goal is to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered before they become more rare and costly to protect. Rather than rules and regulations, the Initiative creates partnerships to take action. We will replace controversies surrounding wildlife conservation with a new commitment to work together to conserve the wildlife and their habitats that Floridians enjoy.


The Legacy Initiative has revised goals for 2012-2017! Visit the Goals: Taking Action page to learn more.

We submitted the first revision of Florida’s Wildlife Action Plan to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for review in October, 2011. Visit the Action Plan Revisions page to learn more.

Beach Sunflower at Sanibel Island

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Healthy lakes with vibrant fisheries enhance property values & development potential and justify the need for sustainable development practices to protect them into the future.

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