Ladyfish: Elops saurus, Family Elopidae, Ladyfishes


Also known as skipjack and ten-pounder

  • Silver color on body, with a blueish back
  • Head small and pointed
  • Mouth terminal (at the very front of head)
  • Slender body with small scales
  • Last dorsal ray not extended into long filament

Similar Species: Juvenile tarpon, M. atlanticus; and bonefish, A. vulpes 

Size: 36 inches (2 to 3 pounds) 


Inshore fish, found in bays and estuaries; occasionally enter freshwater.


Spawn offshore, peaking in the fall.

Adults feed on fish and crustaceans.

Often form large schools.

Leap when hooked.

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Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

FWC Facts:
Today, smalltooth sawfish are found only in the western Atlantic Ocean from Florida to the Bahamas, including southwest Florida Gulf Coast.

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