Shortfin Mako Shark: Isurus oxyrinchus


  • Lunate tail (shaped like a crescent moon) with lobes of similar size
  • Single lateral keel at base of tail
  • Back is a deep blue color, fading to a white belly
  • Snout is sharply pointed with a white underside
  • First dorsal fin starts behind free tip of pectoral fin
  • Teeth are long, narrow and recurved with smooth edges
  • No interdorsal ridge

Similar Species: White shark, C. carcharias (teeth are serrated and triangular); and longfin mako, I. paucus (area under snout is dusky or blue-black)

Size: Up to 12 feet 


Offshore fish often seen near the surface 


A strong swimmer that may leap out of the water when hooked. Feeds on many large fish species.

Additional Information

State Record:External Website 911 lb 12 oz, caught near Palm Beach

Recreational Regulations

Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

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