Gulf Flounder: Paralichthys albigutta


  • Light to dark brown in color
  • White and dark brown/black spots on body and fins
  • Both eyes on the left side of the head
  • Three prominent eye-like spots in a triangle pattern (can appear to have more that are less pronounced)
  • Underside is white or dusky
  • Strong, sharp, well-developed teeth on both top and bottom jaw


Often located inshore in bays and estuaries, commonly over hard, sandy bottoms; males found primarily offshore


Commonly caught at sizes up to 14 inches; feed on crustaceans and other fish

Additional Information

Similar species include southern flounder (does not have any prominent eye-like spots)

Like most other flounders, they can adjust their color pattern to blend in with surrounding habitat; they begin life with one eye on either side of their head, however the right eye migrates to the left side as the fish develops

Image Credit: Diane Rome Peebles

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