Weakfish: Cynoscion regalis


  • Back is dark olive or blue-green, fading to silvery sides and belly
  • Upper sides have wavy lines of small, irregular, dark spots
  • Pelvic and anal fins yellowish, other fins more pale
  • Pair of large canine teeth at tip of upper jaw
  • Tip of tongue colored with black
  • Lack barbels on lower jaw

Similar Species: Spotted seatrout, C. nebulosus (has prominent spots); silver seatrout, C. nothus (bottom half of tail is longer than upper half); and sand seatrout, C. arenarius (lacks dark spots)

Size: Common to 20 inches


Coastal to offshore waters of the Atlantic (typically not in the Gulf of Mexico); juveniles found in estuaries


May mature as early as age 1; spawns in nearshore or estuarine areas between April and October; schooling fish; feeds primarily on shrimp and fish.

Additional Information

State Record:External Website 10 lb, caught near Port Canaveral

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Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

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