Dolphinfish: Coryphaena hippurus


  • Bright greenish blue above, yellow on sides and has the capability to flash a wide range of colors
  • The body tapers sharply from head to tail
  • Irregular blue or golden blotches are scattered over the sides
  • Female's heads slope more than males


Dolphin are open-ocean fish. The young live in floating sargassum weed.


Dolphin are fast swimmers and fast growers that live no more than 5 years. Spawning occurs year round in warm oceanic waters.

Additional Information

State Record: 81 lb, caught near Lantana

Fishing Tips and Facts: Adults eat squid, flying fish and other small fish while cruising weed lines in offshore waters. Troll natural baits such as ballyhoo rigged on #7 or #8 steel wire with a 7/0 or 8/0 hook. They can also be caught on artificial lures, feathers, or spoons. When a schooling dolphin is hooked, the rest of the school will often stay nearby. Chumming cut bait will bring them in and create a frenzy of activity. Dolphin is a favorite seafood item for many people.

Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

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