Gafftopsail Catfish


Gafftopsail Catfish: Bagre marinus


  • Bluish-green back, fading to a silver-white belly
  • Three prominent, sharp spines (one at beginning of dorsal fin and one on each pectoral fin)
  • The three prominent spines have elongated, fleshy filaments
  • Two barbels on chin
  • Barbels at corner of mouth are flattened and very elongated

Similar Species: Hardhead catfish, A. felis (has four chin barbels and spines lack filaments)

Size: Up to 27 inches (10 pounds)


Coastal waters; may enter brackish waters


A good food-fish that is usually less common than the hardhead catfish

Additional Information

State Record:External Website  8 lb, 14 oz

Recreational Regulations

Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

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