Longbill Spearfish: Tetrapturus pfluegeri


  • Color of body dark blue shading to silvery, white underneath
  • Dorsal fin bluish, others brown-black
  • Two dorsal fins, the first lengthy, its front forming a peak
  • Two anal fins, the anus well in front of the first
  • Upper jaw is prolonged into spear
  • Its cross section is round


Longbill spearfish are found offshore in deep water. 


These fish are uncommon.  Available data indicate that spearfish matures at 2 years of age and rarely lives past 4 to 5 years.  They are pelagic and feed at or near the surface, mainly on fishes and squid. 

State Record:

61 lb 8 oz, caught near Islamorada

Fishing Tips and Facts:

Additional Information:

Longbill spearfish are named for Al Pflueger, Sr., founder of Pflueger Taxidermy.

Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

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