Evening Bat (Nycticeius humeralis)

Evening bats are common throughout Florida, except in the keys. Evening bats will form colonies of several to about eighty bats, and have been found in buildings and other man-made structures. The evening bat is very similar in appearance to the big brown bat, only it is smaller in size. The evening bat has brown fur on the back and whitish/ paler fur on the belly. Like the big brown bat, it also has a “dog-like” muzzle. Female evening bats give birth to 2 to 3 pups in late April or May.

Roost Preference: Colonial – Roosts in buildings, bridges, utility poles, bat houses, and hollow trees.

Diet: Insectivorous – Feed on beetles, planthoppers, mosquitoes, moths, and flying ants.

Evening Bat Range Map

FWC Facts:
The gopher tortoise is the only Florida turtle that digs a burrow. Burrow entrances are shaped just like a tortoise's shell: arched on the top and flat on the bottom (floor).

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