Benefits to People

Purple Flowers

People can enjoy lush habitat soon after a successful controlled burn.

Prescribed fire benefits people 

Prescribed fire is an effective management tool used on Florida’s Wildlife Management Areas, where you can enjoy year-round recreational opportunities. 

Prescribed fire . . .

  • Reduces risk of uncontrolled wildfires

    Prescribed fire reduces the buildup of dangerous fuels from overgrown brush and forest litter. Prescribed fire is the best way to remove combustible debris, which helps lower the risks to people and property from fast-moving catastrophic fires, and reduces the intensity of wildfires when they do occur.
  • Enhances the beauty of the land

    Prescribed fire recycles nutrients back into the soil and promotes the growth of trees, wildflowers and other plants. Regular prescribed fire improves aesthetic values by increasing occurrence and visibility of flowering plants and maintaining open vistas.
  • Improves access to the land and provides better recreational opportunities

    Regular prescribed fire provides better conditions for hunting, hiking, bicycling, and wildlife viewing.

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