Conditional Species List

Conditional Nonnative Wildlife

Rules concerning prohibited nonnative species are found in Chapter 68-5External Website, F.A.C.

Conditional nonnative species (formerly referred to as restricted species) are considered to be dangerous to the ecology and/or the health and welfare of the people of Florida. These species are not allowed to be personally possessed, although exceptions are made by permit from the Executive Director for research, commercial use (with security measures to prevent escape or release) or public exhibition purposes.

Facilities with an Aquaculture Certificate of RegistrationExternal Website (AQ) and authorization to possess conditional species are not required to obtain an FWC conditional species permit to import conditional species to be used in aquaculture activities. However, aquaculturists that import or purchase fish for direct retail must obtain an FWC permit in addition to an AQ.

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Snakes and Lizards


Freshwater Fish



Asian Carp


Nile Perches


Bony-tongue fishes

Freshwater stingrays



Aquatic Invertebrates


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The average Florida manatee is about 10 ft. long and close to 1,200 lbs. They can reach up to 13 ft. and 3,500 lbs. Calves are 3-4 ft. long & weigh 60-70 lbs. at birth.

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