Nonnatives - Black Swan

Black Swan - Cygnus atratus

Florida's Nonnative Wildlife. Species detail.

First year: 1961

Extirpated year:

Established status: Species are present but not confirmed to be breeding. Population persists only with repeated introductions and/or escapes of individuals.

Estimated Florida range: 2 counties  At least 10 years, 6 counties  Not reported breeding

Statewide trend: Unknown status

Threats to natives:  Unknown

Species Account: Native to Australia.

Habitats: Lake

County First Year Extirpated Year Breeding status Notes
Duval 1961   Not reported breeding (B. Pranty, 2001 unpublished data)
Hillsborough 1980's   Not reported breeding  
Madison 1980's   Not reported breeding Listed as possible breeding (Florida BBA 1986-91)
Monroe 1980's   Not reported breeding  
Orange 1980's   At least 10 years 2 pair with young and eggs (Pranty 2000b)
Palm Beach 1980's   Not reported breeding  
Pinellas 1995   Not reported breeding  
Polk 1980's   At least 10 years (Florida BBA 1986-91)


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