Panther Pulse


New Litters

Date HandledMotherFatherAge of Litter# Males# FemalesKitten IDsLocation
4/25/2017 FP199 Unknown   1 2 K471, K472, K473 Big Cypress National Preserve
4/13/2017 FP247 Unknown 10 days 2 1 K468, K469, K470 Private Ranch
1/18/17 FP214 Unknown 2.5 wks 2 0 K446, K447 Big Cypress National Preserve



Date DiscoveredPanther IDAgeSexCause of DeathCountyLocation
5/8/2017 UCFP308 3-4 years female Vehicle Hendry CR832, 5 mi E of OSSF
4/20/2017 UCFP307 Unknown Unknown Vehicle Collier CR846, 2.6 mi. west of CR858 (County Line Rd)
4/13/2017 UCFP306 3 years male Vehicle Polk I-4
4/5/17 UCFP305 1.5 years female Vehicle Hendry CR835 south of Dooley Grade
3/22/17 FP198 9 years female Intraspecific Aggression Lee pvt property south of CR850, west of Caracara Preserve
3/14/17 UCFP304 4 years female Vehicle Collier CR846 2 miles east of Immokalee
3/09/17 UCFP303 2 months unknown Vehicle Collier SR 82, 1.5.miles east of CR 850
3/04/17 UCFP302 2 years female Vehicle Hendry SR 82, 1.7 miles west of CR 850
2/28/17 UCFP301 2-3 years male Vehicle Desoto NE Four Mile Grade (east of Arcadia)
2/27/17 UCFP300 5-6 years male vehicle Collier SR82 1/2 mile east of CR850
2/23/17 UCFP299 unknown unknown unknown Collier Golden Gate Estates
1/28/17 K388 4 yrs male intraspecific aggression Hendry pvt property east of CR835
1/12/17 UCFP296 3 months male Vehicle Hendry CR 832 five miles west of CR 833



DateCountyLocationConfirmed PredatorAnimals Depredated
5/24/2017 Hendry Keri Rd, Felda Panther Calf (1)
5/22/2017 Hendry Keri Rd, Felda Panther Calf (1)
5/22/2017 Hendry E St, Labelle Panther Calf (1)
5/21/2017 Hendry Sam's Ln, Labelle Panther Calf (1)
5/20/2017 Collier 4th St SE, Golden Gate Estates Panther Goat (1)
5/15/2017 Collier Golden Gate Estates, Smith Road Panther Goat
4/11/2017 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 18th Ave NW Panther Goat (2)
4/7/2017 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 1st Ave NW Panther Turkey (1)
3/20/17 Collier 17th St SW Panther Goat (1)
3/19/17 Polk Jewell Lane, Lake Wales Panther Sheep (1)
3/19/17 Collier 2nd Ave SE, Golden Gate Estates Panther Pig (2)
3/17/17 Collier Green Blvd, Golden Gate Estates Panther Goat (2)
3/14/17 Hendry Bee Branch Lakes Dr, LaBelle Coyote Goat (3)
3/12/17 Collier 8th Avenue NE, Golden Gate Estates Panther Goats (7), Geese (2), Ducks (2)
3/03/17 Collier 10th Ave NW, Golden Gate Estates Panther Cat (1)
3/01/17 Collier Blue Sage Rd, Golden Gate Estates Panther Goat (1)
2/27/17 Collier 8th Ave NE, Golden Gate Estates Panther Pig (2)
2/17/17 Collier White Blvd, Golden Gate Estates panther goat (1)
2/03/17 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 5th Av. NW Panther Alpaca
1/25/17 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 9th St SW Panther Sheep (1)
1/19/17 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 3rd Ave SW Panther Goat (2)
1/18/17 Collier Private lease Panther Calf (1)
1/15/17 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 7th Ave NW Panther Goats (2)
1/10/17 Collier Immokalee Ranch Panther Calf (1)
1/08/17 Collier White Blvd, Golden Gate Estates panther goat (1) injured
1/05/17 Collier JB Ranch panther calf (1)
1/03/17 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 24th Ave NE Panther Goat (1)


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