Manatee Signs and Manatee Education for Boat Facilities

Caution Sign

Manatee Signs

Unlike manatee speed zone signs seen in some waterways of Florida, manatee educational signs are non-regulatory and informational in nature.  In order to offset impacts to manatees, some signs are posted permanently for educational purposes at boat facilities, while others are used temporarily while in-water work is being performed that
might pose a risk to manatees.

Manatee Educational Sign Information: Handout showing examples of the types of available signs, sign specifications and the process for FWC approval of permanent signs.

Manatee Sign Vendors: Handout with a list of known sign vendors and downloadable files for new sign vendors (large files).

Manatee Education for Boat Facilities

A manatee and her calfManatee education is often required for the development of new or expanding boat facilities.  The minimum requirement in state issued regulatory permits is typically manatee educational signs.  Some projects may require more educational materials distributed to boat facility patrons, in the form of a manatee educational plan.

The materials needed for a specific educational plan depends upon the size and location of the boating facility.  FWC staff is available to assist applicants in developing their educational plans.

Manatee Educational Requirements is a handout with a list of the potential resource materials that are available for boat facilities and may be required by permit or lease.  This list should be used by applicants to propose their educational plan.  Depending upon the project, more customized education may be needed.  Additional brochures can be found on the Brochure Page.

The installation of the types and locations of signs, as well as the materials needed in an educational plan, are typically reviewed and approved by FWC's Imperiled Species Management Section, which can be contacted at

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Regulatory waterway signs are official U.S. Coast Guard and FWC approved speed zone or navigational signs posted on waterways and may not be installed by a private citizen. 

To report missing or damaged signs, or for more information regarding sign posting for manatee protection speed zones, contact FWC's Division of Law Enforcement - Boating and Waterways Section at 1-866-405-BUOY (2869).

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