Bears in the News

Bears in the News

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News Releases


November 17, 2017: FWC awards BearWise funding to 10 communities to reduce human-bear conflicts

October 25, 2017:  10 Communities apply for BearWise funding

September 27, 2017: FWC: Bears become more active in fall

August 31, 2017: FWC releases new videos to help Florida residents avoid conflicts with bears

July 31, 2017: FWC, Franklin County and Carrabelle provide hardware to make trash cans bear resistant

July 20, 2017: New FWC BearWise funding will focus on communities with ordinances 

June 1, 2017: FWC and Seminole County providing discounted bear-resistant trash cans

May 18, 2017: Springtime spurs activity for Florida black bears, cubs

April 19, 2017: Statement regarding bear management

January 31, 2017: FWC responds to bear incident in Santa Rosa County Adobe PDF


December 13, 2016: FWC Awards $825,000 to Local Governments to Reduce Human- Bear Conflicts

December 1, 2016: FWC releases videos to educate Floridians on how best to avoid conflicts with bears

November 1, 2016: FWC Applauds Orange County for Working to Reduce Conflicts with Bears

October 18, 2016: FWC receives 19 proposals from local governments for bear-conflict reduction funding

September 29, 2016: FWC continues cutting-edge science to collect data on Florida’s widespread bear population

September 20, 2016: As autumn approaches, bears across Florida become more active

September 15, 2016: Final Population Modeling Confirms that Florida has a Robust and Growing Bear Population

August 17, 2016: Waste Pro and FWC team up to reduce human-bear conflicts

July 12, 2016: FWC invites communities to submit proposals for $825,000 in bear-conflict reduction funding

June 23, 2016: FWC thanks Lake County Commission for passing ordinance to help reduce bear conflicts

June 22, 2016: FWC votes to postpone bear hunting in 2016

June 10, 2016: FWC to Consider Staff Recommendation for Florida Bear Hunt, Four Options on How to Move Forward

June 3, 2016: FWC concludes bear management webinars

May 20, 2016: FWC to host public webinars to discuss bear management


October 1, 2015: 7 essential points for bear hunting in Florida

June 24, 2015: FWC approves comprehensive bear management rules  

June 22, 2015: Important facts you need to know about black bear conservation in Florida

June 10, 2015: FWC data show increase in bear population

April 15, 2015: FWC moves forward with comprehensive draft bear management rules

February 4, 2015: FWC moving forward with comprehensive approach to reducing conflicts with bears

January 2, 2015: DNA test helps identify bear that bit teenager in Eastpoint


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FWC Facts:
Brown hoplo, a nonnative, armored catfish, is found throughout central and south Florida. They can survive in low-oxygen backwaters and ditches, where they gulp air at the surface.

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