A Bear’s Life and Living with Bears
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Mike Orlando – Wildlife Biologist
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Florida black bear biology and behavior, and the science and techniques used to discover the secrets of a bear’s life.  These discoveries help people understand and appreciate Florida’s largest land mammal. Learn about interactions and contact between bears and people in Florida – where, how and why they occur and how to ensure these interactions will be positive and safe experiences.

Living with Coyotes
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Dr. Martin Main – University of Florida, IFAS
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Program Leader, Florida Master Naturalist Program (

Coyote encounters are on the rise as more and more people move into the state. Learn about this wild member of the dog family and learn why it exhibits a variety of vocalizations, hunts in packs, where it lives, its behavior, its diet and how you can live safely among them.

Living with Panthers
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Lisa Östberg
Defenders of Wildlife, Southwest Florida Coexistence Coordinator

Florida Snakes & Reptiles
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Kyle Mader – Wildlife Biologist, FWC
On behalf of the Florida Chapter of the Wildlife Society 

Learn about Florida snakes and reptiles and why they are important to Florida’s diverse ecosystem.

Live! Central Florida Zoo, Native Florida Wildlife
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Located on festival grounds, near FWC exhibits

Video Presentations

Discover Wild Florida (40 mins)
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Black Bear Scenic Byway

The Carr Family Cabin – A Portal Into the Timeless Wisdom of Archie Carr
Narrated by Mimi Carr, daughter of Archie Carr
Hosted by Archie “Chuck” Carr, III
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Friend's of the Carr Cabin

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