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Here you will find all of the data the FWC collects or provides for a particular waterbody in as few clicks of the mouse as possible.  This will be a work in progress that we hope to build up as we get feedback from you.  Please let us know what you want to see and in what format you would like to see it and we will work to try and accommodate your wishes.  We are currently providing tabular and geospatial data from a couple of data sources (work units) with expectations that most data in the future will be geospatial but still providing archive data (tabular) for historical information.  Let us know what you think and how we can make the platform better. 


What's Happening on My Lake? logoHave you ever wondered when on your favorite lake or river, why is it the way it is?  How is the fishing?  Can you hunt on this lake?  Are there any tournaments or festivals associated with a water body?  What is happening on my lake?  Well, wonder no more!  This website consolidates everything going on in or around a particular water including what habitat or plant management is occurring, what the historical and current fish population looks like or what event may be happening associated with a particular water.  All just a couple of clicks away!  Start finding out what is happening on your lake NOW!  

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