The current status of the Sherman's Fox Squirrel is State Species of Special Concern.

In 2017, a biological review group (BRG) was convened by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to review the status of the Sherman’s fox squirrel. When the BRG evaluated the species, they accounted for new analyses that found no genetic structure among fox squirrel populations in north and central Florida, indicating that S. n. niger is not genetically distinct from S. n. shermani or S. n. bachmani in Florida (Greene et al 2015). Taxonomically it is appropriate to group all fox squirrels in Florida north of the Caloosahatchee River as the Southern fox squirrel, S. n. niger.

Based on their assessment, the BRG concluded that the subspecies did not meet any listing criteria. The BRG also noted the importance of proper land conservation and management on a landscape or range-wide scale.


Biological Status Review 2017 Adobe PDF

Draft Southern Fox Squirrel Species Action Plan Adobe PDF

FWC Facts:
The song of the wood thrush is so beautiful it inspired Handel to write a piece of music in the bird's honor. This songbird sings a loud, flute-like song, ending in a trill.

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