Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Park

This is a regional park with five recreation areas that provide access to the creeks and forest surrounding the  Hillsborough River. Four of these sites provide good wildlife watching, including one that allows exploration of uplands, while the others offer boardwalks through wetlands and canoe launch facilities.

Watchable wildlife:
Look for herons, ibis, limpkins, egrets, turtles, alligators, and river otters from a canoe. Red-shouldered hawks, barred owls, and pileated woodpeckers are common in the floodplain forest. If you observe quietly near the water's edge, you may see wild turkey, white-tailed deer, or wild hogs.

Southwest Florida Water Management District; managed by Hillsborough County

Flatwoods Park (813) 987-6211, Morris Bridge (813) 987-6209, Trout Creek Park (813) 987-6200 , John B. Sargeant Memorial Park (813) 987-6208

These parks are located approximately 12 miles north of Tampa, east of Interstate 75.

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