Blue Springs State Park

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The park's main natural feature is Blue Spring Run, which flows 2,200 feet to the St. Johns River. Surrounding the spring run is a hardwood forest of live oaks draped with Spanish moss. The park also has sand pine scrub, freshwater marshes, and seasonally flooded swamp forests. There is a boardwalk along the spring run, in addition to a four-mile hiking trail.

Watchable wildlife:
Manatees linger in the spring run from November through March, particularly after a cold front passes through and the water temperature in the St. Johns River dips below 68 degrees F. Bald eagles soar over the park in the winter and spring, as do American swallow-tailed kites in early summer. Many wading birds can be seen, including limpkin and white ibis. Look for scrub jays in the sand pine scrub. American alligators, river otters, and large fish occasionally venture up the spring run.

Department of Environmental Protection

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From Orange City, take U.S. Highway 17/92 to French Avenue.  Drive 2.5 miles west on French Avenue to park entrance.

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