Tiger Creek Preserve

Several hiking trails of varying lengths provide access to the oak scrub, pine flatwoods, sandhill, hardwood swamp and longleaf pine/wiregrass habitat associated with the Lake Wales sand ridge and the Tiger Creek watershed. The Jenkins Trail follows Tiger Creek. The George Cooley Trail is a loop trail that goes through scrub, hardwood swamp, pine flatwoods and cutthroat seeps. The cutthroat seep--dominated by cutthroat grass--is a moist habitat that periodically dries out. The Pfundstein Road trails provide access to Patrick Creek and a longer loop trail into an area called the central highlands.

Watchable Wildlife:
Check year round for gopher tortoises, sand skinks, red-bellied and red-headed woodpeckers and otters. Short-tailed hawks and swallow-tailed kites may be seen in the summer.

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The three main trails have trailheads at different locations. Reach the George Cooley and Pfundstein Road Trails by taking SR 17 south from Babson Park. Take a left on Murray Road and go 2.2 miles to a left turn on Pfundstein Road. Follow signs to the two trailheads. Reach the Jenkins Trail by traveling 9 miles east from Lake Wales on SR 60. Take a right at Walk-in-the-Water Road, go 3.5 miles to Wakeford Road and turn right. The parking area is at the end of the road.

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