Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area - Prairie Lakes Unit

Prairie Lakes is a former ranch in the midst of the highest concentration of bald eagle nesting in the lower 48 states. Dry prairie, wet prairie, freshwater marsh, and pine flatwoods are the major ecosystems found here, in addition to lakes Jackson, Kissimmee, and Marian. Gravel roads and several trails, including a section of the Florida Trail, traverse the area.

Watchable wildlife:
Bald eagles may be seen here year-round during all times of day. Endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers nest here in several clusters of more than 300 cavity trees; they are most active around dawn and dusk. Look for crested caracaras, sandhill cranes, northern bobwhites, red-shouldered hawks, burrowing owls, and wild turkeys. White-tailed deer and wild hogs are also present.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

(407) 436-1818 or for primitive camping permit (352) 732-1225

From Kenansville, take Florida Highway 523 (Canoe Creek Road) 9 miles northwest.  Park entrance is on the left (west).

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FWC Facts:
The spatulate bill of the roseate spoonbill has sensitive nerve endings that help it detect prey, and the shape helps the bird move sediment and catch the prey.

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