Osceola Schools Environmental Study Center

Remnant stands of old-growth bald cypress more than 400 years old is the most remarkable natural feature of Reedy Creek Swamp, to which the study center site offers access. The swamp is also rich with orchids, mosses, epiphytes, and ferns. Visitors can view the swamp from an 1800-foot elevated boardwalk and observation deck.

Watchable wildlife:
Look for nesting bald eagles and a rookery of great blue herons in the winter and early spring. Prothonotary warblers nest in spring and summer. Flocks of white ibis and egrets congregate to feed in small pools during the dry season. You may also see barred owls, red-shouldered hawks, black vultures, and turkey vultures.

Osceola District Schools

(407) 870-0551 or (407) 870-2400

From U.S. Highway 441 in Kissimmee, drive west on U.S. Highway 17/92 4 miles to Poinciana Boulevard.  Take a left (south) and drive 6 miles to park entrance on right.

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FWC Facts:
American kestrels nest in cavities that they do not excavate. Instead, they depend on woodpeckers and natural processes to create holes in trees.

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