Orlando Wetlands Park

Eighteen miles of dikes allow visitors to walk or bicycle trails that wrap around cattail marshes and open water in this artificial wetland designed to treat domestic wastewater. Trails also pass through a hardwood hammock.

Watchable wildlife:
The open water of the lake attracts wintering waterfowl, including blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, northern shovelers, and American wigeons. Wood storks, white ibis, black-crowned night herons, and other wading birds are also common in the winter. Bald eagles, limpkins, and red-shouldered hawks, black vultures, and turkey vultures can be seen throughout the year. Raccoons and river otters are often seen on the dikes.

City of Orlando

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From Orlando, drive east on Florida Highway 50 to Christmas.  Go north 2.3 miles on Fort Christmas Road (County Road 420), then 1.5 miles east on Wheeler Road (an unpaved road).  The parking area is on the left.

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The $2.7 billion that people spend to view wildlife in Florida is more than double the value of the state’s annual orange harvest.

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