Watermelon Pond Wildlife and Environmental Area


Watermelon Pond Wildlife and Environmental Area rewards visitors with scenic vistas of rolling sandhills and freshwater marshes.



Share Your Visit

Inspire others to visit by sharing your special photos with us. read more »

Things to do

Enjoy archery and small game hunts, wildlife viewing and a multi-use trail system that connects to the adjacent Goethe State Forest. read more »


Watermelon Pond is home to gopher tortoises, Bachman’s sparrows, fox squirrels and eastern indigo snakes. read more »

Habitat and Management

Cattle pastures are being restored with the longleaf pine that once thrived here. read more »


Watermelon Pond was acquired by the state in 2007 through the gopher tortoise mitigation program. read more »

Planning Your Visit

Watermelon Pond is within the city limits of Newberry; 18 miles south of Gainesville. read more »


FWC Facts:
The world's whooping crane population has gradually increased from a low of 22 birds in 1941 to 503 birds in 2009.

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