Triple N Ranch - Natural Communities

long lipped ladies tresses © Paul Martin Brown
© Paul Martin Brown
Rare long-lipped ladies tresses

Triple N Ranch contains some relatively pristine natural plant communities. Noteworthy are high-quality dry prairie and hydric hammocks and floodplain swamps along Crabgrass Creek. Some plant communities on Triple N Ranch have been modified by altered hydrologic and fire regimes, past cattle operations, and past forestry practices.

In December of 2002, botanists from the Florida Natural Areas Inventory discovered about 200 plants of the rare orchid Spiranthes longilabris (long-lipped ladies tresses) across a large area in the mesic (moist) flatwoods and adjacent wet prairies.


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Prescribed fire, cattle grazing, and chemical and mechanical treatments maintain favorable groundcover conditions for species such as quail and wild turkey and a host of dry prairie adapted species including the crested caracara, Bachman's sparrow, Florida sandhill crane, and many others.

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The world's whooping crane population has gradually increased from a low of 22 birds in 1941 to 503 birds in 2009.

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