Tosohatchee - Wildlife You Might See


Florida’s wildlife management areas provide habitat for many species. This page gives you an introduction to just a few of the fascinating creatures that can be found on this WMA.



American kestrel

Bald eagle

Barred owl


Crested caracara

Downy woodpecker

Great blue heron

Great egret

Great horned owl

Green heron



Mottled duck

Northern bobwhite

Northern harrier


Pied-billed grebe

Red-bellied woodpecker

Red-shouldered hawk

Sandhill crane

Snail kite

Snowy egret

Sora rail

Southeastern American kestrel  

Spotted sandpiper

Swallow-tailed kite

Tricolored heron

White ibis

Wild turkey

Wood duck

Wood stork

Yellow-crowned night-heron



Florida black bear

Florida panther

Hispid cotton rat

Marsh rabbit

River otter

Round-tailed muskrat

Sherman’s fox squirrel

White-tailed deer

Wild hog

Reptiles and Amphibians

American alligator

Barking treefrog


Dusky pygmy rattlesnake

Dwarf salamander

Eastern coral snake

Eastern glass lizard

Eastern indigo snake

Florida banded water snake

Florida chicken turtle

Florida snapping turtle

Florida softshell turtle

Gopher frog

Gopher tortoise

Greater siren

Peninsula newt

Peninsula ribbon snake

Two-toed amphiuma

Butterflies and Moths

American (painted) lady

Cloudless sulphur

Giant swallowtail

Gulf Fritillary

Long-tailed skipper


Question mark

Palamedes swallowtail

Red Admiral

Red-spotted purple

Spicebush swallowtail

Zebra heliconian

Zebra swallowtail


FWC Facts:
The world's whooping crane population has gradually increased from a low of 22 birds in 1941 to 503 birds in 2009.

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