Eastern Towhee
Photo Credit: Andy Wraitmell

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Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound throughout the year, although during hunting days, the area is only open to individuals participating in the hunt. These special hunts for the disabled are held on several days in the fall and spring, in conjunction with the adjacent Holton Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Holton Creek WMA is also open for activities such as horseback riding, bicycling and fishing, which are not permitted at Suwannee Ridge. Suwannee Ridge hosts resident populations of protected species such as gopher tortoises and fox squirrels as well a variety of migratory warblers and other seasonal wildlife.

Suwannee Ridge - Year-at-a-Glance PDF

  • See the regulations summary and map for access points, hours of operation and vehicle use guidelines.
  • For purposes other than hunting, dogs are prohibited. Regulations regarding hunting dogs can be found in the regulations summary.
  • Horses are prohibited.
  • Restrooms are not available at this location.


Seasons Summary Dates (range July 2017 through June 2018)
General Gun Mobility-impaired October 13-15, 27-29, November 3-5 and December 15-17
Spring Turkey Mobility-impaired March 23-25 and April 13-15 (Legal shooting hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1 p.m.)

Calendar does not reflect migratory game bird hunting seasons; please check the regulations summary for specifics.

FWC Facts:
Cranes are quite omnivorous. They feed on seeds, grain, berries, insects, earthworms, mice, small birds, snakes, lizards, frogs and crayfish, but they do not "fish" like herons.

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