Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area


Split Oak Forest WEA, named for a spectacular 200 year-old live oak tree that split down the middle and survived, features abundant wildlife, pleasant trails and scenic wetland overlooks. 



Share Your Visit

Inspire others to visit by sharing your special photos with us. read more »

Things to do

Explore the network of trails and unpaved roads and enjoy wildlife viewing and habitat diversity.  read more »


This site on the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail supports a sizable population of gopher tortoises, along with many species that are associated with their burrows. read more »

Habitat and Management

Split Oak Forest is currently managed to enhance and preserve the habitat of the gopher tortoise and other wildlife and plants. read more »


Portions of Split Oak were once used for turpentine and cattle operations and now are managed to sustain gopher tortoises and other wildlife. read more »

Planning Your Visit

Split Oak Forest is located in Orange and Osceola counties approximately 16 miles south of Orlando. read more »


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