Spirit-of-the-Wild Wildlife Management Area


Travel the circuit of unpaved roads through wide open vistas punctuated by numerous wetlands and stands of pine flatwoods.  



Share Your Visit

Inspire others to visit by sharing your special photos with us. read more »

Things to do

Opportunities abound for wildlife viewing, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and seasonal hunts.  read more »


Catch glimpses of wading birds, wild turkey, burrowing owls, crested caracaras and white-tailed deer.   read more »

Habitat and Management

Restoring water flow and plant communities to historic conditions is providing far-reaching benefits to the Florida panther and other wildlife species.  read more »


The productive habitats that first attracted Native Americans are being restored for future generations.  read more »

Planning Your Visit

Spirit-of-the-Wild is located in Hendry County, about 12 miles south of LaBelle; 15 miles north of Immokalee. read more »


FWC Facts:
According to the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife-Associated Recreation, 66.1 million people engage in wildlife observation, spending about $38.5 billion per year.

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