freshwater marsh

Freshwater Marsh

Freshwater marsh is dominated by cordgrass in the extensive marsh bordering Salt Lake. Salt-tolerant plants such as seaside purslane, glasswort, and spartina are also found here.

scrubby flatwoods

Oak Scrub/Scrubby

Srubby flatwoods are transitional areas between mesic flatwoods and oak scrub. Slash pine dominates.

Oak scrub occurs on deep sand ridges and is densely vegetated with several species of low-growing oaks.


mesic flatwoods

Mesic Flatwoods

Mesic flatwoods on Salt Lake consist almost exclusively of young slash pines with a dense understory of saw palmetto, gallberry, rusty lyonia, and wax myrtle. Catesby's lily (also called the pine lily) is found here and is expected to flower more conspicuously in the future as managers conduct more frequent prescribed burns.

hydric hammocks

Hydric Hammocks

Hydric hammocks are dense forests of hardwood trees and cabbage palms. Hydric hammocks develop where the soil is almost always saturated with water and where limestone is close to the ground surface. The lush understory consists of ferns, palms, and shrubs. An excellent example of oak hammock can be found along the shores of South Lake.

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