Stroll trails through well-managed scrub and pine flatwoods and pause at scenic wetland vistas. 




Hiking is pleasant in the fall, winter and spring. The 3.5-mile loop trail passes through oak scrub, pine flatwoods, cutthroat grass seeps and seasonal wetlands in the central portion of the area. Hike on the unpaved service roads to reach the floodplain of Fisheating Creek and the stands of mature pines with red-cockaded woodpeckers. Vehicles, bikes and horses are not permitted on trails at Platt Branch.

Wildlife Viewing


Wildlife viewing is good year-round. Hikes along the area's loop trail wind through gopher tortoise and Florida scrub-jay habitats, past seasonal wetlands that attract wading birds and unique plant communities such as cutthroat grass seeps. Red-cockaded woodpeckers make their home in the old-growth longleaf pine in the western portion of the area. Visit the Wildlife page for more details.


FWC Facts:
Wildlife viewing in Florida supports 44,623 full- and part-time jobs.

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