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Hiking is pleasant in the fall, winter, and spring. Wildlife viewing is good year-round. Hikes along the area's loop trail pass through gopher tortoise and scrub-jay habitats, past seasonal wetlands that attract wading birds and unique plant communities such as cutthroat grass seeps. Red-cockaded woodpeckers make their home in the old-growth longleaf pine in the western portion of the area. Views across the mesic flatwoods and marshes are particularly scenic. The mesic flatwoods are of exceptional quality, presenting an open canopy of longleaf pines with an understory of low, scattered saw palmetto and diverse herbaceous cover. Spring and fall blooming wildflowers add to the beauty and appeal for visitors interested in botanizing and butterfly viewing.

  • Dogs or other pets are not permitted on this area.
  • Enter and exit the area only at designated entrances.
  • A daily-use permit is not required.
  • Hunting or fishing is not allowed on this area.
  • Restrooms are not available at this location. Amenities include a parking area and a marked hiking trail with benches and overlooks.
  • Vehicles, bicycles and horses are not permitted on trails; public access other than by foot is prohibited.
  • The area is open from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.




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Over 200 species of birds migrate between their breeding grounds in the United States and Canada and their wintering areas in Mexico, Central and South America or the Caribbean.

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