Florida’s wildlife management areas provide habitat for many species. This page gives you an introduction to just a few of the fascinating creatures that can be found on this WMA.



American bittern
American kestrel
Bachman’s sparrow
Bald eagle
Black-and-white warbler
Blue-winged teal
Cooper’s hawk
Florida scrub-jay
Great egret
Hooded merganser
Little blue heron
Loggerhead shrike
Mourning dove
Northern bobwhite
Northern flicker
Pine warbler
Red-bellied woodpecker
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-tailed hawk
Sandhill crane
Sharp-shinned hawk
Snowy egret
Swallow-tailed kite
Vermillion flycatcher
White ibis
Wild turkey
Wood duck
Wood stork
Yellow-bellied sapsucker


Brown bullhead
Brown hoplo
Florida gar
Largemouth bass
Redear sunfish
Yellow bullhead>



Brazilian free-tailed bat
Cotton mouse
Eastern cottontail rabbit
Eastern gray squirrel
Florida black bear
Florida mouse
Hispid cotton rat
Marsh rabbit
Nine-banded armadillo
River otter
Sherman’s fox squirrel
White-tailed deer
Wild hog

Reptiles and Amphibians

American alligator
Barking treefrog
Dusky pygmy rattlesnake
Dwarf siren
Eastern glass lizard
Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
Eastern indigo snake
Eastern mud snake
Eastern spadefoot toad
Florida pine snake
Florida scarlet snake
Florida redbelly snake
Florida scarlet snake
Gopher frog
Gopher tortoise
Greater siren
Lesser siren
Oak toad
Pig frog
Pinewoods treefrog
Southern chorus frog
Striped newt

FWC Facts:
Whooping cranes mate for life, but they will take a new mate after the loss of the original. The pair will return to use and defend the same nesting and wintering territory year after year.

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