WMA Chinsegut Restoration
Mike Orlando

Conservation Center Tract - Sandhill consists of longleaf pine-turkey oak mixed with sand live oak, and a dense ground cover of grasses and herbs including wiregrass, gopher apple, blazing star, lopsided Indian grass, wild buckwheat, and golden-aster.

At Chinsegut Conservation Center, sandhill is being restored by removing encroaching hardwoods and pines infested with pine beetles, cleaning up debris, and using prescribed burns to facilitate germination of longleaf pine and growth of wiregrass.

Big Pine Tract - The 430-acre Big Pine Tract is the second largest tract of old-growth longleaf pine in Florida.


Cone from Longwood Pine
Betsy Purdum
Biologist Kristin Wood
with cone from longleaf pine

Sandhill Sassafras
Betsy Purdum
Southernmost extent of
sassafras in Florida.

Sandhill Pinetract
Betsy Purdum
Pine Tract



Hardwood Hammock


The hardwood hammock consists of sand live or live oak, laurel oak with little understory other than saw palmetto. Other trees in the overstory include pignut hickory, southern magnolia and American holly.







Basin Marsh

The basin marsh consists of shrubby and herbaceous wetland. Typical plants include maidencane, arrowhead, willow, buttonbush, dog fennel, redroot, and water lilies in the deeper water.

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