Pine Flatwoods
Randy Kautz

Mesic flatwoods

The most extensive natural community on Caravelle, mesic (moist) flatwoods consist of naturally generated and planted stands of loblolly and slash pines with a few longleaf pines and an understory of gallberry, saw palmetto, and a variety of native grasses including wiregrass.



Mixed hardwood swamp
Randy Kautz

Floodplain swamp
and bottomland forest

Floodplain swamps are found along the St. Johns and the Ocklawaha rivers. Although standing water is present the majority of the year, numerous dry islands (less than 1 acre) with loblolly and slash pine, live oak and sabal palm exist within the floodplain swamp. Bald cypress, cabbage palm, red maple and black gum are the major overstory trees. Other plant species commonly found in and along the outer fringes of floodplain swamps include water tupelo, swamp laurel oak, black willow, various shrubs in the heath family, and several epiphytes and orchids.

Bottomland forests occur primarily along Camp Branch Creek. Overstory trees include live oak, water oak, laurel oak, blackgum, and sabal palm with cypress lining the fringes of Camp Creek. The understory is saw palmetto and various grasses.

FWC Facts:
The song of the wood thrush is so beautiful it inspired Handel to write a piece of music in the bird's honor. This songbird sings a loud, flute-like song, ending in a trill.

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