Branan Field - Natural Communities

photo of pine flatwoods
Chris Tucker
- Pine Flatwoods

Because of seasonally wet conditions at Branan Field, the overstory is dominated by slash pine. Longleaf pine occurs in areas of slightly higher elevation. Soon after its purchase by the state, dense stand of trees were thinned and burned Prescribed fires will be used to maintain the open character of the pine flatwoods. Most pines now are 20-30 years old and preside over a groundcover of wiregrass, saw palmetto, gallberry and other forbs and grasses. Carnivorous pitcher plants and sundews and showy wildflowers such as lupine, occur throughout Branan Field. Low-lying wet areas support cypress, gum, red maple and wax myrtle. Surface waters drain offsite to Yellow Water Creek, through Black Creek, and to the St. Johns River. Small areas dominated by turkey oak are scattered throughout the area.


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Cranes are quite omnivorous. They feed on seeds, grain, berries, insects, earthworms, mice, small birds, snakes, lizards, frogs and crayfish, but they do not "fish" like herons.

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