Branan Field Wildlife and Environmental Area


Escape the urban bustle of Jacksonville and discover gopher tortoises, carnivorous plants and colorful wildflowers along trails through well-managed pine flatwoods.



Share Your Visit

Inspire others to visit by sharing your special photos with us. read more »

Things to do

Enjoy wildlife viewing and hiking along more than three miles of trails through flatwoods and sandhills.  read more »


Gopher tortoises, eastern bluebirds and Bachman’s sparrows are just a few of the native Florida species found here.  read more »

Habitat and Management

Mature pine flatwoods have been restored and are maintained by prescribed burning. read more »


Branan Field was used as timberland and grazing land prior to being purchased as part of a gopher tortoise mitigation project.  read more »

Planning Your Visit

Branan Field WEA is located about 13 miles southwest of Jacksonville, not far from Jennings State Forest WMA.  read more »


FWC Facts:
Ospreys, also known as "fish hawks," are expert anglers that like to hover above the water, locate their prey and then swoop down for the capture with talons extended.

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