This peaceful spot offers productive hunting and angling and a network of unpaved roads for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians.




The Apalachicola River, Jackson River and small creeks and tributaries on the property offer excellent angling opportunities. Nearby Lake Wimico, a 4,055-acre shallow, natural lake accessible from the Intracoastal Waterway (Jackson River), is a popular spot. A boat launch is located on the Apalachicola River on the northeast side of the property off of Bluff Road. Carry appropriate licenses and permits.


Hiking, Bicycling & Horseback Riding

No formal trails have been developed but hikers, off-road bicyclists and horseback riders may use the 40 miles of existing unpaved roads to explore the site, experiencing solitude, good scenery and abundant wildlife. Horse trailers may be parked at the main entrance or at the Henry Abercrombie Jr. boat ramp near the Bluff Road entrance



Motorized and non-motorized boats may be launched at off-site facilities, which will provide access to the Apalachicola and Jackson rivers that border the property. Canoes and kayaks may enter two of the site's narrow creeks, Huckleberry Creek and Little Huckleberry Creek from these two rivers. Many paddling opportunities are available on the adjacent Apalachicola River Wildlife and Environmental Area.



The deer, turkey and hog populations are fairly high. The area has a higher deer density and a herd age structure that is older than deer herds on most other lands in Franklin County. Quota permits ensure a high-quality hunting experience. A dove field is open to hunting without a quota permit on opening day of dove season. Check the Regulations Summary and hunt calendar before you visit.

Wildlife Viewing

Pine Warbler

The area's tidal freshwater and estuarine marshes, creeks, bottomland hardwoods and pine flatwoods, support both rare and common wildlife. The Apalachicola and Jackson rivers are important components of the Apalachicola Bay ecosystem and commercial and recreational fisheries. Visit the Wildlife page for more information about the area's wildlife.


turkey Jamie Adams

Wild Turkey - This wild ancestor of the domestic turkey is a highly heralded game bird known for its thundering gobbling call and spectacular eyesight.

FWC Facts:
Spring and summer are the best times to listen for the elusive 5-inch Bachman's sparrow. Their song begins with a loud, clear whistle followed by an extended trill.

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