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From archery season in October to spring turkey season in April, Box-R WMA offers ample opportunities for hunting deer, turkey, feral hog and small game. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are likely to be most pleasant on non-hunting days in the fall through the spring. Enjoy paddling year-round but heat, thunderstorms and biting insects can make summer visits unpleasant. The fall and spring seasons are best for birding and observing new spring leaves and colorful fall foliage on the deciduous gum trees, red maples and cypress trees.

Box-R Hunt Calendar
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  • See the Regulations Summary for hours of operation and vehicle use guidelines.

  • Dogs are permitted, but must be kept under physical restraint at all times.

  • Regulations regarding hunting dogs can be found in the Regulations Summary.

  • Restrooms are not available at this location.

  • A Daily-Use Permit is not currently required to enter this area. To hunt or fish, you must possess the appropriate license and permit.

Seasons Summary Dates (range July 2015 through June 2016)
Wild Hog-Dog July 10-12, August 14-16, September 11-13, May 13-15 and June 10-12 (Hunting is allowed from sunset until 10:00 a.m. Hunts begin at 12:01 a.m. Friday morning and end at midnight Sunday evening.)
Archery October 24 through November 8
Small Game November 14-22
General Gun November 26-29; January 7-10, 14-17 and 21-24
Muzzleloading Gun December 5-7
Wild Hog-Still December 12-18
Spring Turkey March 19-22, March 31 through April 3 and 14-17 (Legal shooting hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise until sunset.)
Black Bear October 24-30 (Archery only) Details

(Calendar does not reflect  migratory game bird hunting seasons.)

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Like all North American terns, the least tern has long, pointed wings and a deeply forked tail. It is the smallest of Florida's terns.

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