Apalachicola River Wildlife and Environmental Area


The centerpiece of this vast ecosystem is the Apalachicola River and floodplain, home to abundant resident and migratory wildlife and a magnet for recreationists.



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Things to do

Enjoy hunting, fishing and miles of paddling trails along the Apalachicola River. read more »


More than 280 bird species and other wildlife may be found at this Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail site. read more »

Habitat and Management

Well-managed uplands and floodplain forests support rare plants and diverse wildlife. read more »


For over 12,000 years, humans have enjoyed this region’s abundant resources.   read more »

Planning Your Visit

The WEA spans the lower reaches of the Apalachicola River and floodplain, extending north from Apalachicola Bay to Liberty County. read more »


FWC Facts:
Ospreys, also known as "fish hawks," are expert anglers that like to hover above the water, locate their prey and then swoop down for the capture with talons extended.

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