Big Bend Wildlife Management Area

The five units comprising the Big Bend Wildlife Management Area - Hickory Mound, Spring Creek, Tide Swamp, Jena, and Snipe Island - filled a void in a 200-mile stretch of the Gulf coast already protected in public ownership. Hunting and fishing are traditional activities and continue to constitute the major public recreation uses on all of these lands.

Each of the units has a slightly different character and each offers its own special combination of recreational opportunities. On Jena, you can drive, bike, or horseback ride on named or numbered roads, while viewing sandhills, exposed limestone, salt marshes and the Gulf.

Big Bend landscape
"For nineteen years my vision was bounded by forests,
but today, emerging from a multitude of tropical plants,
I beheld the Gulf of Mexico, stretching away unbounded,
except by the sky."

-John Muir, 1867

At Hagen's Cove on Tide Swamp, you can scallop, gig for flounder at night, picnic, and barbeque. On Spring Creek and at Tide Swamp you'll find the only remaining coastal scrub on Big Bend, and at the Hickory Mound Impoundment, you can crab, hunt waterfowl in season, and observe a diverse abundance of birds year-round. The 105-mile  Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail offers outstanding opportunities for paddlers to explore the Big Bend gulf coast.


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